Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snow Shoeing Before Hip Surgery

Dear Little Angel,

Almost two weeks have now past since the confirmation of another surgery in your future combined with a spica cast.  Last year, just before Christmas, I wanted to get back into outdoor winter sports, especially snowshoeing.  The crispness of the cold air, the warmth of the sun as it reflects off the snow covered mountains, and the thrill of feeling like you are walking where no one else has traveled before, as you trail blaze fresh footprints through the undisturbed white powder snow make this sport a special treat.  After receiving my newly purchased set of snowshoes through the mail, I was forced to put them in storage when we learned of your malformed hips.  With the removal of your bluejean spica in August, combined with so many months filled with the taste of normal life for our toddler, I talked your mother into purchasing snowshoes for her, your older brother and sister to make preparations for some time to be spent as a family in the mountain snows above Ogden City at North Fork Park. 

     The drive up through the canyons, past the ice covered reservoir, down the winding roads seemed like hours for our daughter.  Gazing out the window from your booster seat, each new sight created by deep snow and cold winds brought the thrill of laughter as you questioned,"Mom, what is that? What happened to the water? What are those people doing out there on the ice?" 
     Arriving at the trail head, we unpacked our gear, making ready for our adventure in the snow.  We loaded our plastic sled with snowshoes, all shapes, colors and sizes.  Starting on the groomed trails created for cross country skiing, we strapped on our shoes, loaded you into the sled and made our way out across the snow.  Your siblings enjoyed the freedom to explore, finding tables buried below the snow line.  The depth of the snow brings a new perspective as you search across its surface.  The snow in may places covers the tops of trees and swallows the rivers and streams leaving small crevices opened to the surface where the sound of rushing water can be heard.
     Time passed, as we walked, explored and enjoyed the heat of the sun.  After a short while, you found yourself no longer content to set in the sled, to be pulled along.  Demanding to get out and walk on your own, I offered my poles, as you walked on the snow making your own prints in the white landscaped hills.
     Concluding the day, we negotiated to place you back in the sled, by allowing you a stick in your hand to drag behind your feet.  With your attention now on the marks carved in the trail by your sticks, we quickly made for the car, ending our day out as a family, high in the Rocky Mountains in the deep picture perfect snow.

A Song That Reminds Me of Our Little Aleena.

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