Saturday, November 2, 2013

Another Treat.....

Dear Little Angel,
It has been awhile since my last post, so much has happened.  Most recently, we traveled to Shriner's Hospital again for another set of xrays for you and your little sister.  Good news for both of you, another year, due to a great report.  If the nex one goes well, two years until your next follow-up, fingers crossed.

This past week, another chance to trick or treat.  House after house, you and your little sister, ran across the lawns to knock on the doors.  As the night progressed and the bags of candy became heavy, any request to help carry the treats were ended with, "We will carry the candy all by ourselves!"  At one house, I thought the height of the stairs would discourage a tired two year old sister.  Step by step she climbed to the top.  Once at the summit, she turns around with hands above her head and cheered, "I did it!"  Thinking the height coming down would be to much, I climb to the top and asked to help her down. "No, Dad! I do it!"  Step by step, she decended until she reached the bottom.  She paused turned to me, states, "See, I do it, by myself."  She quickly turns around and runs to the next house. At the end of the night, you responded to your mother's questions with, "My legs hurt. Can you take me to see Dr. Carroll at Shiners for my hips?"

Over your mother's birthday, we took a drive to St George for a weekend retreat.  You and your siblings loved the 75 degree weather and outdoor pools.  Jerick's interest was to have a picture hugging a palm tree.  You just wanted to swim in the jacuzzi tub in the hotel while Alexa was always found hiding in the closets with the wooded slatted doors.  We visited Tuacan to see Mary Poppins in the red canyons of their outdoor theater.