Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Spica In The Future

Dear Little Angel,

     Over the course of the last few days, we have once again spent hours at doctors offices, traveling to hospitals and reviewing tests and x-rays in hopes of gaining insight to your developing hips.  In addition, we have also been faced with your grandfather spending nearly ten days in the hospital following a triple bi pass as part of an open heart surgery.  In between trips to the heart patient ward to visit your healing grandfather, we have taken you to see an allergy specialist.  Over the course of so many casts, we have been struggling to heal skin covered in eczema.  Now free of the spica since mid August, we still battle breakouts of dry patchy skin that once scratched requires constant lotions and cremes to heal.  Results from the allergy tests have confirmed your reactions to peanuts, tree nuts, molds, rabbits, and yes, puppies!  After returning from the doctors, your mother called to inform me of all the things in your diet you can no longer eat.  A long list of items containing mold was reported by your mother through the phone as you rode in the back seat overhearing the conversation.  Items such as cheese, tomato sauces, ketchup, crackers and breads all need to be eliminated if we want to help ease your itching skin.  As your mother finished relaying the list of foods you could not eat she added, "And guess what else she is allergic too?"  Pausing to wait for my response she continued, "rabbits and puppies!"  Setting in the back seat listening you sought to reassure your mother now stressed by a restricted diet as you counseled your mother, "It's okay mommy, I don't eat puppies!"

Today, once again we traveled to Shriner's in Salt Lake City to have followup xrays on a little sister's hips followed by your hips.  Recent visits to doctors offices, where we combined doses of vaccines for your little sister and you with wellness visits have built a weariness for nurses and people wearing doctor apparel.  A now very wise toddler responds to each request from the nurse or doctor, who dares to question who is first, immediately with, "X-ah can go first!"  Experience has taught you to stand back and make ready for the door based on what happens to a younger sister.  If the shots come out, down the hall sprints our now mobile wiser three year old daughter.

With x-rays taken, the doctor prepared to break the news to waiting parents.  First, went your little sister, on your recommendation. Physical exams of hip joints, leg movement, total leg length comparisons and xrays brought the news of perfect hips for a younger sister with a followup visit in 6 months.  Immediately following the great news came your turn to be examined.  Setting on my lap, the doctor moved legs, compared leg lengths and then x-rays.  As the drum roll sounded quietly in my head, came the news, "Her hips look much better.  She has to have her plates and screws removed in May and I am not completely happy with the shape of her sockets.  So, since she will already be under for plate removal, I would like to shim her pelvis on both sides, doing pelvic osteotimies to improve her angles.  The good news is only four weeks in a spica.  How about we move the surgery to April so she can be cast free before the heat comes and she can swim all summer long?"
Not surprised by the news, we were happy to hear only three days in the hospital followed by four weeks in a spica.  So for now we wait until April to confirm surgery dates and arrange a family vacation to Disneyland around a spica cast.  We did receive the news, we believe this will be your final surgery for your hips.  Your surgeon is very pleased with your progress.

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Aunt Wendy said...

Aleena, you are a funny and beautiful little girl and you are an amazing example to us all!