Friends Stories

Often the path stretching into the distance can appear to be to difficult, to long and impossible to travel.  As we struggle to understand why this path was set before us to journey down, we begin to find the path is well worn, and coated with the tears of other families who have traveled this road before us.  As we push on, with our only option to go forward, we find we are not alone on this journey, but with each step, each bend in the road, we are joined by others who share our burdens, pulling us forward while others join to push from behind.  Over time, our families blend, our stories merge, while we all look to the distant destination of a child cured of DDH.  We push forward as one, celebrate as one, share every precious moment as one as we each find joy in all our children as they become our families daily miracles.  Please take a little time to experience each of these amazing children as they battle to regain their dreams of running, dancing or playing sports.  Their dreams are not so different....... 

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Maisie's Hippy Adventure

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Our Friend in Georgia:

A Mother of Three - Two With DDH

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