Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Daddy, Do You Love Me?"

Dear Little Angel,

     This last week of March was filled with fond memories of our family spending time together on one last vacation before this next round of surgeries and spica cast.  Starting with me, and shared by each member of the clan, with the exception of mother, we enjoyed our first visit to the amusement parks of California.  The days leading up to our date of departure was torture for each of you.  Every night as we put you to bed the question was always raised, "Is tomorrow the day we get to see Mickey?"  The reply always followed with, "Not for another few days."  Displeased with any answer other than "Yes," you would scold a waiting father, "But I want too!"

     The magic of Disney was not wasted on our three year old daughter. The mystery of the water shows presented over the water filled lagoons, the lifelike appearance of cherished Disney characters from your favorite movies on each of the rides, daily parades filled with faces from Disney Junior, and the enchanted encounters with real life princesses were all met with the clapping of hands as you wildly squealed, "I so excited!"

     After our family returned home, while setting on the floor, suddenly out of the blue, I was questioned by our little angel, "Daddy, Do you love me?" Caught off guard, I smiled as I replied, "Of course I do sweet heart."  Pausing for a moment, I added with a smile, " But only on Tuesdays and Thursdays." With a puzzled look on your face as you searched to understand my response, you questioned your mother, "Mom, what is today?"  Mother replied, "Tuesday, sweetheart."

     Cheering, you came running back into the room where I was setting as you excitedly proclaimed, "Today is Tuesday, Daddy....It is Tuesday!" 

     I quickly swept you of your feet, wrapping you in my arms, softly whispering in your ear, "That means, I love you!"

     Gazing up, you smiled, as you placed your small hand on my cheek as you declared, "I love you too, Daddy!"

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