Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cool Cast

Dear Tattered Angel,

After reading a number of other parent's suggestions for preparing your cast between diaper changes, I decided this time around we would try the waterproof tape to attempt to keep your cast cleaner.  Although there is a number of waterproof tapes that work for this purpose, I liked the suggestion of using duck tape.  What guy doesn't think a little duct tape isn't cool.  Searching around I was able to locate a variety of colored duck tapes at the local Walmart store.  With tape in hand, and design concept in mind I set to work on taping your cast.  After a number of minutes of resting on your stomach as I worked on the edges of your cast, you soon found yourself asleep on the floor.  With time, I finished my creation and captured photographic evidence of my artwork.  I believe this cast is one cool looking cast!

1 comment:

Aunt Wendy said...

Cool cast! Great job Trent!