Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blue Jean Spica Cast

Dear Little Angel,

Once again we find ourselves at the end of a successful completion of six weeks ending with yet another cast change.  Like before, going into the cast change date we never know what type of cast you will ultimately end up wearing for the remaining 6 weeks.  As parents, our biggest method for us to be part of your treatment plan is to choose the colors of each cast.  In anticipation of another spica cast based on comments from your surgeon, your mother and I debated what colors to decorate your cast in this time.  Previous casts of purple, pink, and green have all but exhausted our choices of feminine colors.  Keeping the goal of each cast unique so we can date your pictures by the color of the cast, our decision ultimately revolved around a cast that reflected the holiday of the 4th of July.  Our final choice, a blue cast with a red bar and white peddling. With a white paint marker, some white cloth coated on the back with adhesive we created a cast that when a quick glance is taken, most people think your cast is a decorated pair of blue jeans.  If you have to wear a cast.....Make it cool!


Addie's Mommy said...

Soo Cute!! What a GREAT idea!!!!!

stephyxxxx said...

I LOVE IT!!!! If i passed her in the street wearing that, i'd be looking for the "jeans" haha xx

Susan said...

I saw that you were looking at Ainsley's blog. I have to say I am SO jealous of your fancy casts! Especially this blue jeans one. All we ever had was boring old white. Your daughter is adorable!