Sunday, October 9, 2011

Run, Run, Run As Fast As You Can

Dear Little Angel,

Time slips slowly by allowing the crispness of the events of the prior year to fog over until a person begins to question themselves as to whether the memories of yesterday in reality cconsumed our days while we struggled through the requirements of caring for a toddler recovering from surgery on both her displaced hips as we wrestled with the emotions tied to the images created in our minds as we looked to a future for our toddler post surgery.  Each day that stacks behind us, we discover the relics of caring for a casted child are slowly disappearing from around the rooms of the house, the shelves in the entertainment consul, and the vehicles we drive daily around the town. Your pink beanbag has been put away, the stacks of wildly colored duct tape moved to the garage, a hairdryer with cord wrapped returned to the bathroom vanity and a family has been identified to pass your whale chair too as they now find themselves wondering what the future holds for their child.  Only a few reminders of troubled days remain intertwined in our daily routines. The taste of the medicine once dosed to dull the pain,colored red by the flavored syrup we added in hopes to convice a definant daughter to quickly swallow, has tainted the cravings of our angel to point of when any red colored drink is placed in front of her she pushes it away, as she states, "I don't like that!  It's icky!  I want something else!" A small bearly apparent limp accompanies your movements as you walk around the house until you run down the hall around the table returning only to start another lap.  The joy of walking freely, running with speed and jumping while you grasp furniture and toys are now part of your daily adventures.  Now we wait until we can discover how far you can heal yourself over the next 9 months.  Then yet another x-ray of your bones will determine if another surgery lays in wait to correct the angle of your pelvis.  If time proves unable to reduce the angle of your hip, your surgeon has counciled your parents to plan on a pelvic osteotmy  coupled with an additional spica cast as we then attempt to manually correct what you could not do on your own. In conlusion, your surgeon advises your best hope to avoid future surgeries is for you to become as active as you can, using your hips to run, jump and play as much as possible. So for now run, run, run as fast as you can and with faith and prayers you may on your own create your own miracle as our time runs down.

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