Monday, October 31, 2011

"My Friend" - Post Spica Cast Activites

Dear Little Angel,

Summer has slipped away to days filled with hours spent caring for a child post surgery armored in a fiberglass spica cast.  The leaves of the Sycamore trees around our yard have lost their color and now cover our lawn in a blanket of crackling brown as we find ourselves on the doorstep of winter with our three year old now enjoying every moment  of each day cast free.  Our family now faces the challenge of the prospects of Christmas as we are presented with the difficult choice of what to purchase on behalf of our daughter.  Although currently cast free, we await an unknown future to be unveiled in the month of February. Our future lays hidden in wait as we uncover what memories we will share as a family this coming summer.  The month of May brings the hardware removal of stainless steel plates and screws from each of your upper femurs in your legs following the conclusion of an entire year in place.  Do we risk purchasing toys, bikes and activities that do not allow for another spica or do we look for items that work with a toddler both in and out of a spica cast?

Tonight we enjoyed the stroll around the neighborhood as you ran to each step, struggling to reach the summit of the staircases, only to excitedly knock on the door in hopes someone might answer and allow you to yell, "trick or treat."  At nearly three years old the distance between houses has done nothing to slow your steps.  As the candy strikes the bottom of your pumpkin with a loud thud, you call out, "Thanks for the candy!" and move to the next house.  At the conclusion of two hours of traveling door to door, we returned home to empty candy from a bag stuffed full and trade out parents as you beckon, "I trick or treat some more.  Come on mommy, let's go get more candy!"  Each house presents a familiar friendly face as they ask how you are doing, make comments on how well you are walking, and throw and extra piece of candy into your bucket as they state, "I am always so amazed how happy she has been through all this.  Always wearing a smile whether in a cast or not.  She is an amazing little girl."  In agreement of how special you are, we thank our neighborhood friends, bid them goodnight as we travel to the next house as you confirm, "That was my friend."


Gina said...

amazing, as usual !!! thank you my friend !! ;)

Janalee said...

So glad to hear from you again on your blog. I have wondered how things were going and I am delighted to hear that your Halloween "Trick or Treat" adventure was such a success.