Saturday, September 24, 2011

50/50 - Mixed Results From Doctor Visit

Dear Tattered Angel,

First x-rays for your sibling sister combined with follow-up x-rays on your developing hips were focused at the intent of determining each of your progress since our last visit at Shriner's hospital.  Waiting in our room for the doctor to review the results, an assisting nurse pulled the images of each set of x-rays on to the computer screen for us to view.  One of the advantages of Shriner's is we have never had to wait to receive results or to view images taken of either of our children.  Staring at the images of your hips, the first doctor entered the room.  As he entered the room the results were presented, 50/50 all around.  The first set of 50/50 odds was related as your little sister is free and clear with excellent progress in the development of her hips, while your hips had different results.  No surprise to us, your hips showed 50/50 in improvement in hip development.  Your left hip is developing well while your first hip to receive surgery is still steep.  As the first surgeon proceeded to evaluate by hand, maneuvering both your sister's and your hips, stating he is very happy with the results of the strength of all hip sockets, our primary surgeon entered the room.  As usual, discussions of everyday life, smiles, and hugs became part of the visit.  Details of our future path was mapped out so we could plan for the events of the next year.  One year from the surgery is when your hardware of screws and plates in each femur of your legs will be removed.  At this time we received our final 50/50.  Your doctor then instructed us upon our next visit in 6 months, we will learn if we must proceed with surgery on your hip sockets to improved the stability of the femoral head by performing a pelvic osteotmy.  With a smile your surgeon's face, she counseled, "Nine months is a long time.  Let your daughter play, run and jump.  I want to see what she can heal on her own. You have a 50/50 chance she can do this all by herself."

Before leaving we had one last question for your surgeon. What does it mean for our daughter's treatment here at Shriner's if we move out of state?  Small tears formed, as she responded, "I knew this was what you were going to ask.  Shriner's are found all over the US and there are many surgeons who can treat your daughter.  As well as you can always bring her here for continued treatment.  If you decided to proceed with treatment at another hospital please let me know.  I would like photos and addresses to follow each of my girls,futures.  These children become my children too."

Leaving the hospital, we reminded our surgeon she was the reason we were going to Shriner's in the first place as she is an amazing person.  How often she has carried your little sister on her rounds as we struggled to dress and gather our things from a visit or at the conclusion of a hospital stay.  In visits with her, she has often kneeled on the floor to take the time to talk, play and encourage a bold two year old.  It is difficult to find surgeons who strive to become a part of your family and love your children like their own.

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