Friday, November 11, 2011

"It's For My Birthday" - Post Spica Activities Cont......

Dear Little Angel,

     Within the confines of a week we found ourselves one day traveling house to house wearing the costumes of Halloween, enjoying the last few days of the warm fall weather to within the next few days playing in the first white snows of winter.  Bundling in snow suites, we sent you out with your sister and brother to play in  fenced backyard.  Each moment was filled with the thrill of packing freshly fallen snow into crisp small snowballs as you chased one another about the yard coating the air with your laughs and giggles.  Mother and I watched from the kitchen window as a small blue sled pulled by your brother, pushed by your sister and carrying our little angel as you travel the yard in search for any small hill or bump to ride over.  Last year's snow covered landscapes found our little angel recovering from her first surgery in her purple and pink spica while the remainder of the family, minus mother, went to the local park to sled down the hills.  Every new layer of snow in the following months could only be watched through the glass window pane of the front door as the echoes of the children playing, sledding, and throwing snow made their way to torment a casted daughter who could not wander outside to join in the fun.

Now not quite a year later, while out running errands together, stopping at the local store to buy a box of diapers, we passed a display of cartoon characterised watches.  Just within reach of your small hands was the candy cane shaped package, encasing a child's yellow Sponge Bob watch.  Quickly retrieving the watch within the grasp of your fingers and burying it deep into your folded arms you demand, "I want this!"  Not at the store to buy a watch, I instruct a determined toddler to return it to the shelf with no success.  Instead of returning the package to the display in the center of the isle, you cautiously step out from behind the box as you state with the softest sweetest voice, "But Dad, It's for my birthday!"  A few moments later we found ourselves at the register with a box of diapers for our growing babies and a Sponge Bob watch for our almost three year old daughter's birthday.  As we returned to the car with your mother waiting inside, you proudly display your new watch to mommy as you reaffirm the watch is for your birthday.  Mother smiling, asks, "What time is it?"  A very wise toddler intensely studies the watch face, slowly raised her chin and with confidence reports, "It is four - two!"

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