Thursday, September 15, 2011

Four Weeks Post Spica Cast Removal

Dear Little Angel,

The time has swept by so quickly since your cast was removed four weeks ago on a Thursday morning.  Days spent entertaining a child in a cast, changing the peddles that protected your skin from the sharp edges around your ankles and diapered bottom, and drying soaked lining when layers of diapers failed to keep you free from escaping moisture seem like a distant memory.  Our days now are captured by the heart of a daughter who will no longer answer to the name, "Nena".  Beckoning for your attention by calling your name I am met with a swift response, "I not Nena!  I super Nena!  I can run!  I can walk! And I am super fast!  Watch me!"  Turning to dash down the hallway floors, only to reach the end of the hall, turn around and sprint, returning to awaiting father as you proclaim, "See, I super Nena!"

Now cast free, the months of special treatment combined with countless hours spent with the full attention of either your mother or I have created a daughter who fully expects one of us to always be with you.  Trips to the store, traveling to deliver older siblings to piano lessons or strolls around the fenced backyard, our little angel demands to go.  The ever quiet jiggle of keys brings the scampering of little feet coupled with the demand, "I go with you!"  Almost all demands are granted and each trip cherished as I gather up my weightless daughter to carry her in my arms, loading her in her car seat once to small, and traveling together as I complete my daily routines.

We pray for good news as follow up visits with additional x-rays continue to reveal to us the length of our journey and the difficulty of our path as we look forward to a future filled with two daughters cured of this developmental defect of their hips.  No more doctor visits, pictures of the baby's bones, days spent in hospital rooms following surgery or months of casted legs can be our only hope for our daughter's once the hardware of screws and plates are removed this coming year.
Little Lexa, Our Second Hip Child

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