Monday, September 5, 2011

Flash Back - 1st Vacation Post Spica Cast

Dear Little Angel,

What a wonderful time we created this past weekend as we celebrated our first vacation together since our journey started over nine months ago.  Over the past few days we found ourselves in Wyoming at Fort Bridger in a recreation of the mountain man rendezvous of the 1800's.  This trip is always filled with new experiences recreating old past times.  During the day the fort is filled with travelers from all over the world walking the gravel coated pathways to shop in the old canvas trading stores filled with pelts, leather goods, and handcrafted items.  At night,  the noise of the crowds dissipates and the silence of a field filled with canvas tents, tepees, and strangers in old time clothes setting around camp fires telling stories, playing instruments and sharing memories echo over the silence of the night.  Walking around the fort you can hear each step as the board clunks under foot as you walk under the star filled sky with your only light either your eyes that have adjusted to the moon lit paths or a candle light flickering as you make your way.

This trip was another opportunity to explore new things.  Often you could be found standing on the bridge overlooking the creek below as children in buckskin trousers splashed and played in the cool water.  As we walked the shops you took interest in the rolling hills once covered by housing for Civil war troops, but now replaced with a wooden plaque with a short description teaching those of days long gone.  Up and down the hill you climb as this new challenge brings renewed tests of strength and balance. 

Unlike the other children traveling with us, you often refused to ride in the wagon, but preferred to walk behind and push.  Next to our camp you found a new friend, a young girl who spent hours playing with you, walking with you and retrieving special treats.

As we traveled home your excited voice called out, "Mommy, look I can bent my knee!"  Since the removal of the cast each day you have pushed your recovering leg regaining it's strength from no movement in the knees without accompanying pain until now where you celebrate each cycle of your leg as you extend and retract your foot as your once stiff knee now bends.

Alexa, In her peroid clothes

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