Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Super Fast - Walking After Surgery For Hip Dysplasia

Dear Little Angel,

A little more than a week a passed since the removal of  your spica cast following a set of surgeries for each side of your hips, completing a total of 6 months of spica casts.  Over the last few days, you have filled your time with a slow and steady improvement in your walking, countless hours of dancing and most recently running.  Arriving home from work after completing a long day starting at 4:00 am, I was greeted at the door by our excited toddler daughter as she announced, "Daddy, watch me!  I can run! I am as fast a cheetah."  No sooner had the statement left your lips, I watched as you spun yourself around and dashed away, returning as you questioned, "Did you see me?  I super fast!"

In addition, to the repeated celebration of your returned speed, we also find you practicing your skills to once again climb the stairs.  Before you were diagnosed with hip dysplasia, one of the symptoms that appeared in your daily habits was the observation of your unwillingness to climb the stairs.  At first, you loved to climb up and down the steps from the basement, but over time you began to set at the bottom of the stairs, begging to be carried up them.  With both hips in correct position, we now once again find a toddler excited by the lure of climbing up and down the carpet covered steps to our family room.

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