Monday, August 8, 2011

Walking In Full Spica Cast - Hip Dysplasia

Dear Tattered Angel,

After ten weeks after your second surgery, you have persevered and conquered what we hope is your final spica cast.  For several weeks you have been capable of walking along furniture or when assisted by someone holding your hand, but tonight with a huge smile smile on your face you where able to loudly proclaim once again, "I did it! Watch me Daddy! I walking all by myself!" With the taste of success the remainder of the night over and over again you rocked your cast from leg to leg, pushing forward as you crossed the room.  Sometimes your excitement resulted in your top moving faster than your bottom bringing about a crashing toddler's body with a loud thud as your cast struck the ground.  Immediately you would demand, "Get me up....Get me up....I want to walk."  At first you would cautiously walk until you believed you were within reach of the couch, only to dive with arms outreached above head, catching the edge of the cushion, pulling yourself back to standing.  A few times you miss judged the distance remaining as your journey ended with a loud thud as you quietly giggle, "Whoops, I missed the couch!" Your new success is proudly advertised as you beckon to all within sight, "Watch this.....Watch this."  With a number of trips under your belt, you declared your next goal, "Now I me!"  Mother and I quickly stopped you from your attempt as you curled on the floor and cried, "I want to run!"

I still find such enjoyment watching as you celebrate such huge success over and over again.  Four times we changed your cast to different styles, shapes, and colors.  Four times you have struggled through these obstacles until you tasted the thrill of reaching your goals.  As mother asks you to lay down so she can change your diaper you respond, "change me standing....I still walking."


Mamma Gigi said...

AWESOME !!!!! Way to go, sweet girl !!!!! ;) You got it !!!!!! <3

Aunt Wendy said...

YEAHHHHHHH Aleena! You are amazinng!!

Anonymous said...

Peanut Butter Jelly time is awesome! Thanks for sharing, I enjoy watching her overcome the cast! - Jo