Friday, August 12, 2011

No Knee Pads Required

Dear Little Angel,

Often when reading about other children with hip dysplasia, it becomes apparent these children can be treated like a fragile piece of glass.  The fear of a mishap that dislocates a hip restricts these childrens' activity, preventing them from doing anything slightly dangerous.  This past week we took our family to the local skating rink to try our skills at rollerblading, razor scooters and laser tag.  Our little outing was a success in the eyes of our two year old. 

The rear of the building was filled with large play toys, and blow-up slides for children to climb and fill their time.  Our little angel was no different.  Carefully carrying you up the slides in my arms, placing you on my lap, we slid down the slides over and over again to the tune of, "Again dad, again!"

Later that night we found ourselves lucky to find your little feet just fit on the deck of our scooter.  Lowering the bar to it's lowest position, centering you carefully on the deck, we pushed you around the skate floor as the modern rock echoed in the large spacious building.

At the conclusion of the day as we arrived home a quick inspection of your little feet presented blacken skin, dirty from walking the floors barefooted as shoes are not allowed on the toys.  A quick sponge bath followed by a bedtime story and our little daughter was fast asleep, exhausted from the evenings activities.  Sweet Dreams, our precious child, Sweet dreams......

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aunt wendy said...

SO CUTE! I am so glad she gets to have fun too!