Sunday, August 7, 2011

Legend Of The Cast Monster

Dear Little Angel,

The warmth of the summer months have only added to our anticipation for your cast removal day which is approaching rapidly, scheduled to take place in the mid-August month.  With summer rains contributing to high humidity, our evaporative cooler does little to remove the heat from your casted body.  Added heat with no cooling has created a cast that constantly itches. Each night you still continue to plea to for us to stick our fingers in your cast to rub the itchy patches covered by your fiberglass cast.  With the constant itch of your skin, our little angel has developed quite the story to explain why her cast constantly itches.  When our toddler daughter begins to complain and begins to beg for relief from the itch of the cast the questions of concerned parents as to whether your cast itches are answered with the following story.

"Daddy stick your fingers in my cast.  There is a monster in there that makes my legs hurt.  Stick your fingers in there and get him out.  Be careful though he bites."

As I picture what images you have created in your mind of a tiny monster hiding deep in your cast biting and scratching your legs causing them to itch so bad, I begin to question what other things you have sought answers for in your life as part of your hip journey, only finding answers in an explanation created by yourself to help you understand what is taking place in your healing body.  An amazing imagination must resolve their problems with extraordinary solutions.

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