Friday, August 19, 2011

Removal Of The Fourth Spica Cast

Dear Little Angel,

The day has finally come for the removal of what we hope is the last spica cast required to mend your hips from your developmental dysplasia.  Traveling to the doctors we were accompanied by everyone in the family requiring us to take the large gas guzzling suv with your favorite dvd players installed.  Once at the doctors we were scheduled to wait for xrays to confirm your hips had remained in place for the duration of the casting.  While waiting for our turn in the xray room, you found amusement pacing the floor in your spica cast from one side of the room to the other.  As more people watched, offering words of encouragement, announcing how cute you were in your cast, we found you walking faster encouraged by the audience you had created.  Today the new manager, of all the Shriner's hospitals happened to be in Salt Lake filming a video to show to people to help explain why these hospitals are so important. Walking around the waiting room he caught sight of our little angel as she walk across the floor.  Captured by your love of life he walked over to us with his camera crew to request permission to film you.  With the permission slips signed and the camera focused on you, our little daughter smiled as she walked and danced for the camera in her blue jean spica.

Shortly after completing the filming we were called back after reviewing your xrays to have your cast removed. 
This time everyone in the family joined us as you laid on the table as the vibrating saw made it's first cut.  With previous history from your last cast removal you waited quietly watching movies on my phone as the saw cut the cast in half up each of your legs.  With cuts in place, the nurse retrieved a set of special pliers to break the cast open.  Once the cast was opened, and the removal of the top half began the scent of the dead skin as fresh air rushed to your skin filled the air.  With the top half of the cast removed, a pair of scissors began to cut the cotton liner as the layers where peeled back from your skin.  With the cast fully removed mother and I began to wash your legs in an attempt to cleanse your legs of the patches of dead dry skin.

Previous cast removals taught us to cover your legs with medicated lotion and bandages before we traveled home to prevent you from scratching.  Our last trip from the doctor's office greeted us at the end with red bloody legs that little fingers had scratched until layers of skin had been removed.  With bandages in place, a pair of pants put on with socks placed over the legs and a quick stop to the orthodics lab for the fitting of your new brace, we found ourselves on a trip to the local Zoo, but this is another story......

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Janalee said...

Congratulations Aleena's family!!! What a great day this is. A "milestone" not to be forgotten. Cheers and shouts for joy come your way. Keep on smiling and dancing as you travel on down the road of this unique journey in your life.