Sunday, August 21, 2011

Now Can I Dance?

Dear Little Angel,

Exhausted From The Day From Dancing
Concluding six months of casts, we find ourselves enjoying the day after your removal of your blue-jean spica cast.  In the days leading to your cast removal, you continued to find hope by informing anyone and everyone your detailed plans for the day your cast would come off.  With an excited smile the story describing the events of this day started with the cast coming off in "three weeks" in spite of how many days you actually had remaining, then in conclusion an explanation of how you would go swimming with your mommy, your daddy, your grandma, your grandpa, your sister, your brother, and baby "X-ah".  Throughout this last cast this has continue to be your vision until the day of your cast removal came and went.  With the cast removed, the dry skin bandaged, and your new brace in place as the radio filled the car with music, your request was short and simple, "Now can I dance?" 

The day after your cast removal we now find our little angel with a stiff and sore leg standing at the piano with your favorite song playing through the speakers, "Dancing Queen" as you cautiously raise and lower your legs, combined with twisting your upper body.  Free to dance again you beckon to all that will watch, "Watch me...I dancing again!"


Mamma Gigi said...

I love this !!!!! And, she and Mia both apparently love "Dancing Queen" !!!! We are so happy for all of you....yaaay to no more casts !!!! ;) God bless you all !!! <3

TheFischerFam said...

I am so happy for her. She is a precious child of God.