Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let's Go Swimming

Dear Little Angel,

Each and everyday for the last three months while you dragged your spica cast around, you found hope and vision by staying focused on one thing; when your last cast was to be removed you had planned to go swimming.  Waiting for a few days to allow your skin to heal a little from the sores and red patchy skin now covering your knees from the cast, we found the time perfect Saturday to take you swimming.

In the heat of the afternoon, you at long last started your day by playing with the yard garden hose, your plastic squirt gun, and a white bucket in the front yard with your brother and sister.  After months of watching from the side lines as they screamed and giggled playing with friends in the yard unable to go out a play as the results of the bad combination of the summer heat and the sweat inside your cast creates when your body gets to hot in the fiberglass cast.  Now with cast removed, requests to go outside to play with your brother and sister could finally be granted.

Later that afternoon we travel to Uncle Brent's house to at last go swimming in their private pool.  As requested grandma, grandpa, mommy, daddy, sisters, and brother all came with you.  The cool waters of the pool proved to be a very helpful method to get a two year old to move her legs.  Kicking, squealing combined with laughter filled our time in the outdoor pool as the sun began to set.  The day had been a full day filled with activities once denied to our little daughter for the last 4 months.

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