Friday, July 15, 2011

Free From The Palvic Harness

Dear Little Angel,

During these passing months it seems as though time spent at the hospital consumes a large part of our time.  Yesterday we once again took another day off work to transport your baby sister to see the surgeon for a routine checkup on the progress of her developing hips.  Earlier in the day, mother took the time to explain to a curious two year old, the rest of the afternoon would be consumed at the hospital.  Not happy at the thought, you immediately directed your mother, "I no go to doctors, I fixed!"  Consoling your fears, your mother informed you this trip was for your baby sister, "X-ah" so we could take pictures of her bones.  Satisfied with the new information, you consented to join the team in support of your little sister.

Once at the doctors, the ultrasound machine was rolled into the exam room as a little infant was laid on a bed built for children much larger than she.  As the examination of your sister continued, you found renewed joy in permission granted to you from your surgeon to stand in your spica cast.  A small Ty penguin beanie baby, given to you in the waiting room, now focus your attention.  Throwing the small toy as far as your arm had strength you would turn to me with a smile that dominated your face, instructing me, "Let's go get it!"  Holding my hands to maintain your balance you rocked your cast from foot to foot to progress across the floor until the small toy was reached.  Once retrieved, your head turned with eyes focused on the other side of the room and with full strength the toss was repeated as the stuffed toy was hurdled across the room. Again came the insistent demand, "Let's go get it!"

Filling the time of the exam chasing the toy around the room, the results of your sister's hips progress was completed and announced to waiting parents who had not slept well in weeks for fear of an unfavorable result from the ultrasound with the possibility of having to put the harness back on.  "Perfect hips, well within normal range for depth and coverage," came the prognosis.  Instructions to throw the harness away was given with a follow up date for your sister's first x-ray set for nine weeks later.  Relieved parents thanked the doctor for her time, gathered up our two beautiful hip babies and loaded them into the car for a return drive home.


Janalee said...

Brings tears to my eyes as I can almost hear the big sigh of relief you both experienced at that moment. Okay...where are the kleenex?

Aunt Wendy said...

Yeahhhhhh! We are so happy for you all!!!!