Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dancing In My Blue Jean Spica

Dear Tattered Angel,

What a little whirlwind you have become following the news from your doctor allowing you to stand in your spica.  I think next time we should be a little more clear when we ask the doctor if it is okay to stand in your cast.  Next time we will need to specifically question your surgeon if it is okay to dance wildly in your spica.  With your new freedom to move, standing on your feet, your larger than life personality is shinning so much brighter.  For the last two days you have filled our time with hours of walking back and forth across the rooms, along the furniture, requesting assistance to hold your hands only when a void where nothing is to be found to hold onto.  Yesterday, with the music playing in the background we found our daughter holding onto the coffee table dancing up a storm.  In response to our question, "What do you think you are doing?" came the simple reply, "I dancing, doctor said I could!"

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