Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bedtime Stories In My Spica Cast

Dear Tattered Angel,

One might be surprised to learn that often our little angel asks to be put to bed each night as the clock ticks eight.  At night as the physical activity of dragging your cast about the house has exhausted your reserves, with kind words you ask to be taken upstairs, have your teeth brushed, and to be placed in bed with your pile of books, so you can quietly lie in bed slowly turning the pages, studying your favorite images until the sun sets over the horizon and your room darkens with night. Put to bed with only your cast on in order to help you sleep cooler, sometimes hours pass with out a sound, but a quick glace finds our little toddler still laying in bed with her tiny face hidden behind the cover of a propped up book.  Most nights you request a different set of books to study, but your favorite remains your Mickey books. 

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Mamma Gigi said...

Your little angel looks so sweet !!! She reminds me of my own. I'm so glad I found your blog !!! Makes me feel like we aren't alone !! My Mia, 28 mos. was just diagnosed, and will have her surgery the 3rd week in August. I gotta tell ya, the post where you talk about explaining things to her, and taking away her dancing and having to be the one to make that decision, literally dropped me to my knees. You read my heart !! We will keep your angel in our prayers, and if you'd like to visit our blog to meet our Mia, please feel free !!!