Sunday, June 26, 2011

Little Pet Shop - Play Time In Spica Chair

Dear Tattered Angel,

Given your history of stashing treasured things in the hollow pocket in the front of your cast or placing small items in your nose, I normally wouldn't have supported the idea of allowing you to play with this new toy set your grandmother purchased for you, seeing this set of  little pet shop toys contains countless tiny pieces.  Over the past few  weeks this toy set has become a favorite playtime activity in your spica desk.  Rarely does a parent find their small child setting for hours as they fill their time with bathing their pets in the tiny bath tub, then pretend to walk the animal around the desk top, to finally put them to rest in the plastic replicated beds.  Finding an activity that holds your attention for such a long period of time is not something we cross very often.  You would think after hours of playing with your little pet shop, you would grow tired of these toy, casting them aside to search out new curiosities, but each day the simple request repeats, "Daddy, please put me in my whale.  I play with little shops."

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Gretchen said...

I know what a struggle it is to find entertainment for young children, especially entertainment that isn't watching princess movies over and over and over. I can only imagine how much harder that is when the child is less mobile. I'm glad she has something that keeps her attention.