Friday, June 24, 2011

2nd Chance - Reduced Time In The Palvic Harness

Dear Little Angel,

It these past six months, between checkups for you and your little sister, I have made more trips to Salt Lake City than I have in my life time.  The sights, sounds, and smells of the hospital are now etched in my mind.  Sometimes the faintest smells bring a flood of memories of stacks of hours spent pacing the halls of our quiet little hospital.  This last week we made our now typical trip to Salt Lake to have a follow-up visit to see if your sister's hips have return to within normal range.  Our last visit brought troubling news of a hip that had regressed in the two weeks of having the harness on only half the day.  Now completing two more weeks of wearing the harness twenty-four hours a day, we find ourselves setting in a room as the ultrasound technician scans your little sister's hips.  With only a few pictures taken, your surgeon entered the room, reviewed the images and announced her hips had improved significantly.  We were hoping for numbers of around 60, but received the great news of one hip at 74 and the other at 72.  Both hips well within normal.  New instructions to wean your sister from the harness were given.  Twelve hours in a harness followed by twelve hours out.  This was to happen every day for two weeks, then one week with no harness at all.  Three weeks until we see your surgeon again.  Hopes now point to a follow-up of normal hips and no harness.

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Aunt Wendy said...

Yeahhhhh! We are so happy!