Sunday, July 3, 2011

Go Away!

Dear Little Angel,

It has become very obvious when our little angel has traded in her angel wings for her little devil horns and pitch fork.  With almost six weeks complete, you have once again learned to stand in your spica cast.  Although this cast is suppose to be a none weight bearing cast, no explaination to a two year old will convice you to stay off your feet.  Each time we find you standing, we quickly tell you to get off your feet and return to your stomach.  Sometimes, more than just instructions have to be given.  Over and over again we remove you from your standing position, returning you to your stomach, reminding you standing is not an option.  Some might say a two year old does not understand such instruction; however today, upon entering the basement room, I once again found you standing on your feet, leaning against a large pink barbie RV.  Caught in the act, your response to being interrigated came quickly, "Go away!"  Continuing our line of questioning, each new question met with the same answer and conviction, "Go away!"  Additional, crimes of our two year have lead to the same defense plan.  The go away plea is now the preferred response to any act our little angel knows she should not be doing.

1 comment:

stephyxxxx said...

Awww, they do come out with some funny things. Maisie's new thing is to tell you to move if your obstructing her path, but it sounds more like she's saying muuffe haha x