Saturday, June 18, 2011

Uncle Rich & The Baby Billy Goat

Dear Little Angel,

Today we find ourselves one quarter the way through your current casting following your second set of surgeries on your other hip.  Although the surgery was the same, the cast that followed is very different to your last one.  Your first cast covered only one of your legs with the other leg only casted just above the knee.  Moving around the house was easily learned with one free leg to propel your body and steer you in your desired direction.  Your current cast covers both legs down to the ankles which has created a different challenge as you have relearned to crawl and stand.  With no option to use a free leg to push and steer, we find you dragging your body more with your arms, flicking your feet at the ankle, pushing with your toes to correct your course as you move about the floor.

This past week we traveled to Uncle Rich's house to see and hand feed the baby billy goat whose mother has decided she can't be bother to care for him.  Holding the bottle with both hands you find yourself giggling with delight as the little goat feeds from the super sized baby bottle. With a full stomach, the little billy chased your bother and sister around the yard as they dashed from one side to the other.  The little billy goat offered a special treat to our little angel.

With the little goat returned to his mother, we went into the house to visit.  With only big kids toys to play with, Uncle Rich retrieved his son's I-touch and laid next to you on the bean bag.  Quickly you discovered the joys of a simple game called copy cat.  This simple game repeats everything you say back to you.  Within a short time you became totally enthralled with the sounds and actions of the cats when you discovered you could tap the screen three times and knock the cat out.  Falling to the ground with stars encircling his head, you laughed out loud as over and over again you sent him to the ground.

Even with cast you are able to find things that capture your imagination and demonstrate to everyone you are still a normal two year old.

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