Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"I Walk"

Dear Tattered Angel,

Shear determination! How else to you describe a two year old who insists on walking everywhere, in everyplace, up hill, down hill, on even ground or rough bumpy lawns, no matter the distance?  Freed from your cast, being carried anywhere is no longer an option with a world that now moves at "Nena" speed.  If dad leaves the house to go to the store, you jump up from the floor, run towards me with arms reaching out, calling "Nena go with you!" Once at the store, removed from your car seat, if asked if you want to walk or be carried, you always respond forcefully, "I walk!"  Shopping and trips to any destination now requires a double measure of time as you wander about the isles looking, exploring and challenging your newly redeveloped skill of walking.  Watching as you enjoy your ability to move freely about the store, I can not resist pausing for a short moment to capture a little of the joy found beaming from your huge smile and enthusiasm for life as you discover countless wonders at your fingertips.  On-lookers often lack the background history to understand why a two year could find so much pleasure in such a simple everyday motion of just walking back and forth, fast and slow.  Perhaps they will never understand what small miracle is taking place right before their eyes as this petite limping toddler claps, cheering herself on as she yells, "I did it, daddy.  Watch me....Watch me!"


Tattons said...

Yeahhhh! She is such an amazing example of never giving up!!

TheFischerFam said...

I love her enthusiasm!

Janalee said...

Having the opportunity recently to watch her was an amazing experience. She is strong and determined to make the best of life. What a great example to those of us that see her.