Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend Celebrations

Dear Little Angel,

A new dress, an Easter basket, combined with running in quest to locate what seems to be endless plastic Easter eggs hidden in the green grasses of spring are some of the images that we had written off, out of mind, thought to be impossible only a few months ago.  Coming into the month of April we had no idea if in such a short period of time you would be able to even stand with your cast removed, let alone run with other children in a mad dash for the candy and items of Easter, strewn about the baseball diamonds for the hundreds of children lined along the edge of the grass, waiting for the horn to sound.  In spite of all our fears, Easter arrived with only one event uniquely different this year, not evident in the candy races of last year and that is you ran.  With the sound of the horn and the echoes of the call to start to gather eggs and candy, with no hesitation, you joined the wave of children as it enveloped the candy scattered about the fields.  I should close the gap on why running was such a major focus of this blog.  You must understand that before the diagnoses of your hip dysplasia, one of the signs or symptoms of your defect was, every time you attempted to run, your balance was lost in only a few steps and you would come crashing down.  Unfortunately, you always had the knack for finding the corner of the wall, the edge of the table or the nearest sharp object.  Being unable to run was one of our triggers for insisting you be seen by a specialist.  Now with one hip in socket, your stability has returned, and you love to show off to anyone who will  watch you as you run.

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