Friday, April 15, 2011

Leg Length Difference - Post 1st Surgery

Dear Little Angel,

With your first set of surgeries complete and your casts removed, the difference in the length of your legs is now very apparent.  Before your surgeries, I was often asked, "How far is her hips dislocated?"  Studying your legs as you lie on your back with your legs held together, one can quickly see, even with the femur bone cut and a piece of bone removed, your leg, now in socket is significantly longer than the other. Comparing your knees you  will observe, one knee starts where the other knee ends.  As you walk about the house, a person will quickly spy the rise and fall of the top of your head as though you where wearing a high heeled shoe on one foot while bare foot on the other.

In reviewing your diagnoses from your first surgeon when soliciting a second opinion from your current doctor, I inquired of the surgeon,"How does the severity of our daughter's dysplasia compare to other cases you have treated?" Tracing the x-rays with the tip of her finger explaining where bones currently are positioned compared to where they should be only took a little explanation before one would understand how far your hip was seperated.  Once the position of your femur head was shown and how it was creating a suto-socket high on your hip, we already had an idea of the doctor's answer.  Being straight forward and honest, your doctor explained, "Not only is your daughter already rare being bilaterally displaced, she is extremely rare being as far dislocated as she is.  I have no idea how your daughter has figured out how to walk, but she has."  Following this revelation, your doctor continued, "Even though she is rare, she is treatable. We have very good odds that we can restore her hips so she can be a normal little girl.  Just be aware this will be a long journey."

So here we are one set down in limbo awaiting the next set of surgeries for your other hip.  At least you have had the opportunity to be free to move, play and climb everything in the house for a short time.

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