Saturday, April 2, 2011

Checking the baby for Signs of Hip Dysplasia

Dear Tattered Angel.

April Fool's Day, the day people play pranks on each other in hopes of tricking someone by executing their carefully planned joke, then making it all okay by responding to their victim, "April Fools!"  At 1:07pm your mother delivered by c-section your new little sister into this world.  The scheduled date for this most wonderful event was not set until the 8th of April, one day after your cast removal; however in spite of our best laid plans, understandably due to spring vacations of  your surgeon, your next round of surgeries was postponed for an additional 4 weeks, while your new baby sister came a week early.  Convincing family and friends our joyous news wasn't an elaborate trick to celebrate this day for pranksters was difficult.  Upon announcing the news of her arrival, often replies to our news returned, "Is this a prank?" "Are you playing an April Fool's Joke?"  In spite of the doubts based on the holiday, your little sister is here and the following sleepless nights, filled with a newborn baby will be no joke. 

Our first concerns, upon the arrival of your sister included, Does she shown any signs of Hip Dysplasia in her hips?  Are there symptoms of extra folds of the skin surrounding the hip joint area?  Based on our experience with you, we requested every test we new to be preformed to strengthen our belief your younger sister is free and clear of a similar birth defect.  Standard tests of rotating the hip to detect hip clicks where preformed two or three times, legs where measured and compared to arm lengths, legs run strait and toes compared for equal length.  Although we know we can't be 100% confident, every doctor or nurse who came to see our baby was asked to check hips by any test available.  Convincing them to take us serious wasn't difficult when standing next to us was our beautiful two year old in a gorgeous dress with green and pink cast protruding from the bottom.  The sight of you moving about the room in your cast was all it took to gain cooperation and extra efforts from all involved.

The pediatrician arrived to see the baby shortly after birth.  Upon arrival to the hospital room, a lengthy discussion of your treatment took place and a followup plan for your baby sister was established.  Carefully once again the doctor performed standard tests for hip dysplasia, then followed up by agreeing with concerned parents, "We will want to keep a close eye on her.  She looks great!  Let's schedule an ultra sound with continuing followup visits to reduce any risks we might miss anything."  Satisfied our new doctor was on board with supporting our defined direction for caring for our new baby, we thanked her as she left the room.

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Janalee said...

I tried to read your blog to Ron and found myself in tears. So glad that Alexa is here and she is looking so good. We are excited about coming to Utah and hope to have the chance to visit with you.
Love to all
Aunt Jana

Kaylene said...

Wonderful news! So happy for your little family. We hope that everything continues to go well for all of you, and glad that everything is looking good for Alexa.
The Duncan's

The Tatton's said...

We are so so glad things went so well!!! She is adorable!