Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Mommy, You Okay!?!?"

Dear Little Angel,

Your New Sister Alexa
     I suppose after many days of laying in a hospital crib yourself at the Children's Hospital, following your surgeries on your first hip, the sight of your mother lying in a hospital bed with tubes draping everywhere, machines beeping in the background combined with doctors and nurses frequently entering the room taking vital signs, it all seems so familiar to our daughter.  Immediately upon entering the hospital room where your mother was resting in her bed following a C-section, to remove the baby from her once very large tummy, the appearance of extreme concern came over your tiny face as you rushed to your mother's side with sincere concern in your voice as you questioned your mother again and again, "You okay, mommy, you okay?" Sweetly, your mother explained that you had a new little sister to play with, attempting to point to the petite little girl in the small plastic bin setting next to her bed.  You would have none of the distraction at first.  Again you repeated your concerns, demanding an answer from your mother, "Mommy, you okay?"  Until mother responded, "Yes dear, Mommy is okay," your concern remained fixated on her with the hoses and tubes running over the edge of the bed to the machines displayed along the wall.  Finally convinced your mother  was okay, you directed your attention to the small wrapped baby doll  in the clear plastic crib at your mother's side. A tiny cry of a hungry infant, calling for mom suddenly caught your surprised gaze.  With eyes the size of silver dollars, your turned your head to daddy, half gigling as you pointed to the small bundle of blankets, "She crying!"  An explanation of a hungry baby that needed to be fed by mommy followed, drawing the response from you, "Baby hungry!  Feed her!" 

Looking out the window at the duck pond below.
All she wants to do is go swimming.

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stephyxxxx said...

It is so sweet how your little girl had those concerns for her mum! The photo of her staring out of the window is beautiful, although she looks so so sad, its a wonderful picture to have. Your new baby, is gorgeous too! xx

Millie said...

Wow! Congratulations to both of you! Your little angel is just beautiful!.. Trent you have a beautiful family!