Friday, April 1, 2011

Dancing In My Broom Stick Cast

Dear Little Angel,

Now with your ability to explore the house on your own, moving about walking in your cast, has for the most part returned, we find our little angel entertaining herself in her favorite rooms. Even with the passage of time your favorite activity is continues to be dancing to the music of the digital piano.  If your brother or sister leaves the cover open, we observe a mad dash to the exposed black and white keys as little hands wildly pound the buttons and keys.  Experience has taught you which buttons lead to the music stored on the disk inserted into the piano drive.  With a few quick strokes, music begins to fill the room with familiar modern day instrumental music, and our little angel begins to dance.
 At the the conclusion of the song, your interest soon turns to the flashing lights of the keyboard.  Pleading to dad to place you on the bench to provide access to the buttons you beg, "Up Please, dad, up please."  If no one answers your calls for assistance your pleas turn to demands, "Up now! daddy"  Once at the piano keys, with unlimited options to create, change, and produce music, time begins to slip by as you try this button and that button.  Between each selection, a trial of the new sound must be tested with your new harmony tapped on the keys.  If a new song is selected, dancing is resumed.

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Wendy said...

So Cute! I can't believe how she has been able to cope!