Saturday, March 19, 2011

Walking In Your Broomstick - Hip Dysplasia Cast

Dear Little Angel,

Each new type of cast brings with it a completely new set of challenges to test your developing skills.  This past Thursday, two and a half weeks into your new cast, following a cast change after six weeks in your purple and pink spica cast, you have discovered how to walk.  At first, only a few awkward steps could be mustered before gravity and lack of skill needed to balance a new type of cast would take you to the floor, but determination to freely move about our house has driven you to continue to rise up and repeat attempts at forward motions until at last traveling from one side of the room to the other is no longer a challenge, but perceived as an opportunity to showcase new talents to an awaiting audience.  With each opportunity to parade down the catwalk comes the fight song from our daughter, "Watch me, watch me!"  Forward you go crossing the floor until you reach the other side of the room, turning to celebrate with cheers and smiles, then again and again you parade back and forth, each time turning to cheer with the same excitement as the trip before.  Your enthusiasm in your new talents always makes me smile, partly with pride for a daughter who will not give up and partly because the required motion to create movement reassembles the walk of a cowboy in the motion pictures, with chaps and guns on hips, as he paces the dirt roads in the old western towns lifting each foot pivoting at the waist as the clank of his spurs rings out accentuating the sound as each boot strikes the dusty ground.

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