Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ticking Time Bomb

Dear Little Angel:

I am often amazed when I catch myself reviewing the past events that have occurred since we were educated on what to expect as we tackle your treatment plan for your dysplasia, how quickly time has compressed into the appearance of almost no time at all.  Each day I watch another day click out of view from what once seemed like a future filled with casts, diaper changes, and doctor visits.  Today your mother met with her doctor to begin to finalize the fateful date for her C-section, when your new little sister will enter the world and become the newest member of our family.  Long discussions with you have finally convinced you that you mother's growing belly is not a sign of a developing monster inside, but a new little sister for you to love and enjoy as you pass through childhood together.

Counting down the days, we are speedily approaching the date for your cast removal, followed by a C-section for your mother the next day, a two week break to adjust to a new baby and a cast free child, then the start of your second set of surgeries on your second hip combined with four more days in the hospital in a 2nd spica cast.  In the middle of all this, our current plan dictates an ultra sound on the new baby's hips to discover if a mirrored journey for a younger sibling awaits on our horizon.  As the clock ticks, we await the start of a month filled with activities, and answers to still unanswered questions and fears.

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TheFischerFam said...

We hope and pray this next month will go as smoothly as possible for all of you as you endure these next steps in your lives.