Saturday, February 5, 2011

Three weeks after surgery

Feb 5th, 2011

Dear tattered angel,

Today you taught me what determination means...I watched as you have learned to role your cast over and begin to crawl.  You meet us everyday with a smile an invitation to get you up out of bed.  I can hear you call from your bed, "Up please, mom, up please".  You are such a sweet child.  Three weeks of this cast and you act as if it is part of you.  Most people see what you do each day as extraordinary.  Each day you teach us as parents what it means to face the trials of life and find joy in them.  If only I could find the strength and determination to meet my life challenges as you have.  You are truly one of the choice spirits sent to us from above.  I can only standby and watch in amazement as god blesses you with a life at an early age that will define your character and realize I get to be part of a journey most parents never get to see.

Setting in her beanbag watching her "moomees"

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TheFischerFam said...

Thanks for sharing with us. I look forward to watching her progress. She is an amazingly strong little girl.