Sunday, February 6, 2011

Loving family - Thoughtful neighbors - Foreign Friends

Feb 5th, 2010

Dear Little Angel,

Today I thought I might update you on the amazing love and support you have received from all over the world.  Some of the people who have shown you love come from as far away as Australia and England.  Members of our local community often stop by to see if our little angel can fly.

For the first few days after your return home members of the local community have brought meals and love to aid parents struggling to learn to cope with a child who has been chosen to take a special journey.  Even after the usual three days of help, love and support for you have continued to pour in.  Offers of meals, time to be spent watching you, and every other service you might imagine has been offered.  Many people love you and support you as you conquer this trial.

Over the past few weeks you have learned to drag yourself around the floor.  First you learned to crawl backwards as backwards made dealing with you long cast easier to manage; however it wasn't long until you started to test your determination and developing skills by going forward.  Forward was much harder and often you would get caught high on your cast and call out to "mum" or "daddy" and pleading, "help me, mommy, help me."  It has only been a few days and you rarely need help anymore.  You have learned to maneuver around the floor to any destination your little heart desires.

Last week we built you a desk the shape of a killer whale and spent thirteen hours hand painting the fish on the top of the desk.  After seeing your excitement of the fish and sweetly saying, "way cool" I think after thirteen hours of painting, I was well rewarded. Your favorite fish is the clown fish painted on the bottom left, you call this your, "Nemo".  Your little desk has served you well.  You often ask to play in it and call it, "my big fishy"  Countless hours have been spent rocking, playing with toys and coloring.

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