Friday, February 25, 2011

Sleepless Nights

Dear Tattered Angel,

Sleep deprived nights are becoming a normal part of our lives these past few days.  For some strange reason you have taken to waking up in sobbing tears accompanied by uncontrollable crying.  Multiple times throughout the night these scenes play out where we as parents rush to your room to investigate what could cause you to awake from your peaceful sleep.  Our first thought was perhaps you have developed another ear infection, but after a quick test of placing my finger over your ear canals and tapping my finger tip, no irritability is displayed.  Last night, following a week of encore performances we believe we may have discovered why you are not experiencing your usual sweet dreams.  Following a careful inspection of your teeth and gums we stumbled on four new teeth making their way into position adding their profile to your tender smile.  I suppose we should have thought of this possibility sooner. If we would have put all the symptoms together, not eating well, refusing your favorite snacks and only wanting to drink your juices.  All these symptoms in the past have been a tell-tell sign of a teething child.  With the added concerns of dealing with your mother struggling to claim a full night of rest herself combined with your many sleepless nights due to spurts of pain following your surgery, we now live in a world where normal is a bit contorted and our ability to recognize typical issues with our children seem a little blurred.

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TheFischerFam said...

Poor thing. I hope those teeth come through quickly and stop bothering her so everyone can get a good nights rest.