Thursday, February 24, 2011

No Jumping!

Dear Tattered Angel,

Reaching for her movies
You never cease to create new ways of amazing me.  When I thought you had pushed your capabilities to the limits affixed on you by a cast that weighs half your body weight, you find yet another path to reach new horizons.  Tired of being strapped to a chair or confined to lying on the floor, determination shined through as I glanced over just in time to find you had dragged yourself over to your desk to stand behind it.  Balancing your weight against the desk you began with all your strength to jump.  A quick repetition of your bobbing head followed by the flash of your mother as she quickly turned and scolded you, "Nena, Stop jumping" ended today's newest test of your developing skills. Moments later, not to be slowed down, you found yourself on the rug in front of the TV.  Slowly raising your weight on your closed fists and tippie toes, with body laid out and muscles coiled to spring into action, you thrust yourself forward from the top of your bent over toes landing on the front of your cast as you let loose through a giant smile on your face, "Ribbit, Ribbit."  Only enough time was provided to perform two of your wonderful imitations of a frog before new rules had to be set, "No more ribbits..."   Your heart was broken as giant tears filled your eyes and trickled down your cheeks, "Mommy, I a froggy.  I jumping"

Difficult restrictions must be enforced to insure you have the chance at a life full of finding and testing these new paths to unexplored horizons.  For the time being my sweet daughter, no jumping, no ribbits, but continue to push to find new opportunities to show everyone what you are capable of achieving when your mind is set to achieve your goals as you transform your dreams into reality.

Crawling under her desk

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