Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Eve 2012

Dear Little Angel,

     We have found ourselves at the doorway opening into the New Year.  As it approaches, it is common for a person to look at the year in review while studying the blank days on the calendar for the coming year, wondering what will fill their whites spaces.  2012 was filled with many moments, no matter how small, that have become a part of who we are and have given us direction for who we will become.  As I look over this blog, it is difficult to believe 2 years ago I began writing this story.  Often we glance back at it's pages, smile as familiar faces fill the pages, images conger up memories tied to emotions, and music brings tears as our minds recall every detail tied to these events.  Two years?  It is an odd trait of time.  We sign for cars, houses, and other purchase in units of years.  When putting our names to print, these blocks of time seem like nothing. However as you talk about life, two years seems so much longer.  Your younger sister will not be 2 years until April, yet somehow it seems she has always been with us, a part of our aging family.

For the the first day of the New Year, after battling Strep Throat and other illnesses, we made the long distant drive to Lava Hot Springs.  The temperature outside was a bone chilling 1 degree F.  The cold air, the snow covered landscape combined with the steam as it lifted off the water made the warm water all the more inviting.  Much of the afternoon was spent playing in the shallows, where half you your tiny frame could be covered with hot water while the other half froze in the cold air.  At the end of the day, we gathered our things and drove the hour and a half home.  Very relaxed from the long soak, neither you nor your siblings were able to remain awake for the drive home.  Very calm children closed their eyes and drifted off to sleep.  Once home, after unloading the car, you smiled at me as I recieved a big hug followed by the words, "Dad, I love Lava Hot Springs.  Can we go again tomorrow?"


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