Saturday, September 15, 2012

Promises Beware

Dear Little Angel,

     Habits formed during the long months spent watching TV to entertain a child wearing her full body cast has continued to creep into our daily routines, even now cast free.  Some nights, when the activities of the day have failed to drain the remaining ounces of energy, requests to watch a movie soon turn to demands, when continued inquiries are repeatably denied over and over.  Worn down by the never ending battle and seeming limitless drive of a three year old, a tired father makes a last ditch deal to quiet the little devil.  A promise is made.  "If you will lay perfectly still for two minutes, I will put on a movie for you."  Like before, the distraction appeared to work, when after only a few minutes of laying still, we discovered you fast asleep.  The little ploy had proven it's value once again, so we thought.  Later that night, a soft voice awoke me from my sleep.  From the girls' room came the simple request at 2:30 in the morning, "Dad.  Dad?  Dad!  It has been two minutes.  Can I watch my movie now?"  Your mother found no humor in being awoke at this early hour of the morning, but I could not help but smile a little as I got up walked into your room and laid by your side.  Yes, it was an early hour.  I did have to be to work extra early. The time spent laying by your side as you snuggled against my check and return to sleep was priceless.  Worth every minute of a long day where I struggled to remain focused as the hours slipped slowly by attempting to complete my duties of my position at work.

     This last month, we have once again, taken the family to the mountain man rendezvous of Wyoming.  Like before each of our children loved the time spend in large canvas tents, wearing clothes representative of the 1800's, searching baskets filled with treasures from the previous camping trips  and attending church outside in the frosted grass by the old Mormon wall.  Each day as the sun rises and warms the day, the bag pipes can be heard from with in the fort walls.  Unlike other trips, each night and sometimes in the day, the rains would keep us bundle next to the fire as we talk, listen to friends sing, and laugh.  Some people would find the pounding rain, and gusty winds a miserable addition to a camping trip, but these times always prove to be our most treasured.  While at the Rendezvous, Aleena found a little lantern that was meant to hold a candle.  With a little imagination, she was soon filling the lantern with fairies as she carried it around the camp, informing everyone to look at her fairies.  If someone attempted to open the lantern she would scold the would be trespasser, "Don't you dare let my fairies out!" 


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joyce said...

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