Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Adventures

Dear Little Angel,

Another weekend filled with great adventures together.  Although a little cold with a steady breeze, the warmth of the sun made today's adventure to Ogden Bay Bird Refuge a special treat.  Many people may not find such great pleasure in walking the wetlands surrounding the Great Salt Lake, filled with bugs, rocks, muddy rivers, and flocks of birds, but for us it is always a treat.  With the spring runoff of snow from the mountain peaks the rivers were high, swift, and very muddy.  Being sure to keep you right by my side combined with constant reminders of the dangers of the raging water, you soon took on the role of the mother hen to your older brother and sister as you would constantly call to them with a voice of warning, "Danger Laysha, danger!"  I was relieved that you understood the danger of the rivers, avoiding any close proximity to the water without the safety of dad's arms wrapped around you.  Although the rivers were dangerous, this did not discourage you from wanting to endlessly pickup rocks to toss into the running river as it swept by us.  Watching the Sandhill Cranes,  Canadian Geese, and flocks of ducks as they passed overhead always required squeals of joy as you shouted," Birds, daddy, big birds!"  Our weekend adventures will have to be more creative when you return to your cast; but our adventures will continue. 

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