Sunday, May 8, 2011

First Week In Palvic Harness

Dear Tattered Angel,

Our first week of your baby sister wearing the palvic harness for treatment of shallow hips combined with steep angles has passed by rather uneventful.  The harness although a little awkward to work around when changing diapers has been much easier to accept then your first round of treatment containing five hours of major surgery followed by three months of casting.  Your sister being only three weeks old doesn't seem to mind the harness when she is wearing it twenty-three and a half hours of the day, but when it is finally removed for her daily bath, she loves to kick and move her legs nonstop, complaining a little when her tiny feet are slipped back into the bottom straps of the harness to be locked in the frog like shape with knees high and joints abducted.  This coming Thursday will be our bimonthly followup with the surgeon to review the progress of your baby sister's development of her hips.  Our hopes point towards hip measurements that are within normal for a baby of her age.  Even if we get the news we are hoping for, our surgeon tells us the harness will remain on full time for at least another ten days, but here's hoping for good news.

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TheFischerFam said...

We will be praying for good news.