Thursday, May 26, 2011

Days Two and Three Post Surgery

Dear Little Angel,

We have now completed days two and three of recovery at the hospital following your surgeries on your left hip.  Most of your time is spent watching movies on our portable dvd player or resting between checking of your vitals, dosing with medicine, or wrapping the rough edges of your cast with moleskin to protect you from the sharp edges of the cut fiberglass.  Each time you are approached by anyone at your crib side, you continue to keep your eyes closed, waving your arm in the air to block attempts to touch you as you grumble,"Leave me alone, Neena sleeping!" 

Mother tells me last night after we removed your oxygen hoses from your tiny cheeks, she was able to convince you to be loaded into a wagon to travel down to the cafeteria to join mother and your newborn sister for dinner.  Even with the experience of one cast down, moving you from your crib to the wagon takes extensive planning and additional personnel to carefully lift your body while relocating epidural hoses, catheter, and oxygen sensors.  With so little time since your surgery, any movement brings tears to your eyes as pain shoots through your petite body.  In spite of the pain, you continue to drive to be taken from the crib so you can travel about the hospital to watch the other children playing and tour the hospital hallways in your over sized wagon.

Today once again at your request we loaded you in the wagon traveling to the main play area to watch your brother and sister play from a prone position in the wagon.  At the conclusion of about an hour and a half we traveled back to your room to plug in your epidural as the battery pack is only rated for one and a half hours.  Placing you back into your crib the pain was sharp and instant as you began to cry.  To much time had passed since your last dose of pain medicine and any motion of your body brought pain to your healing hip.  Immediately we beckoned the nurse who promptly brought your late dose of pain medicine and administered it to a weeping child.  Within minutes the color returned to your cheeks and our happy daughter returned to us.  With the pain suppressed your little appetite returned as you pleaded to be fed a small bowl of macaroni and cheese for dinner.  With time it became time for grandmother, brother and sister to leave to return home.  With kisses goodbye, you reminded us that we needed to come back and see you tomorrow.  In a forceful voice you instructed, "You come back and see me, okay."  With our final orders we left for the day and traveled home in rush hour traffic only to begin to lay out plans for tomorrow's return visit.

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