Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Baby Mine"

Dear Little Angel,

Leading up to the day of your surgery grandma often found herself spending long nights lying next to you on your bed as continued demands of "Sing it again, Grandma" continued to escape the lips of our little daughter.  For some reason your have a unique bond with your grandma that can not be explained.  Unlike our other children who can't wait to return home with us after extended stays away, you always tell us hi, but immediately announce,"I stay at grandma house, Okay?"  Every time you see grandma now you plea for her to sing your favorite song, Baby Mine.  This sweet song from the movie Dumbo has become your favorite melody.  With the song being repeated so many times, you now sing along with grandma.  Even today after being gone from home for so long, the minute grandma came to visit you began to instruct everyone, "I go to grandma's house."  With grandma setting by your side, you held her hand to insure she could not leave you.  I often tease my mother that she needs to start making payments on you as you belong to her anyways.  In the attached video you inform your grandmother you are unable to sing with her.  After your surgery your voice remained croaky for two days due to the line they place down your throat to insure you have no problems breathing during your surgery.

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