Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Cast All Gone!"

Dear Tattered Angel,

At times in your life, as you stand looking forward at the road ahead you can feel over whelmed with how difficult the path to be traveled can appear.  Filled with twisty roads,  rough terrain, and a step climb with no peak insight. You begin to question if it is even possible to finish the climb.  At these times it becomes necessary to gain a little perspective by taking a little time to reflect on the path behind, already traveled.  A little discouraged with the news of a second child with dysplastic hips, your mother and I found much of our hopeful spirit stripped in a few short statements as they were uttered from the doctor's lips, "Your infant daughter will need to wear this palvic harness twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week."  With time our discouragement has once again been rebuilt into hope, as we pray the harness aids your sister in developing stable hips quickly, helping her avoid the painful surgeries and cast that have littered your journey.
The other night you and I sat on the floor watching short videos that celebrated many of your triumphs in your journey so far.  Setting there on the floor in front of the fireplace, gazing at the computer screen, we found ourselves entertained as we watched the short clips of you walking in your broomstick cast, you pointed at the screen with a wide smile and excitement in your voice as you repeated over and over again, "Daddy, My cast all gone.  Cast all gone!"  Responding to your enthusiastic attitude I confirmed, "Yes, dear your cast is all gone."  Immediately you jumped up and ran across the floor, from one side to the other, yelling back,"I running!"  Watching you celebrate your journey, small tears formed in my eyes as I responded, "Look at you run!"  Caught up in the moment you continued on, "Neena, walk too!"  "You are amazing, little monkey," I replied"  Continuing running around the floor, you shouted in excitement, "Neena, awesome!  Neena, awesome!"  Obviously these past few months you have learned much about overcoming trials and what it means to realize the confidence that follows when you are able to reach your goals.  Who would of thought a two year old was capable of understanding what these last few months have meant in her life?  Being slightly cautious, when you finally returned to set by my side, I reminded you, at the end of the this month you will once again have your ability of walking stripped away, and returned to a debilitating cast for another three months following your next set of surgeries. I informed you your ability to walk and run will have to be relearned.  With confidence, my two year old smiled, placing her hand on my cheek, replying, "I know.  Neena, can do it."  Taken back a little, I was once again reminded how amazing our children are.  And although I am often reminded by most everyone you will not remember it, I find myself confident that although the details will be forgotten the course of your life, the depth of your conviction and your perspective of the world will have it roots deeply entangled in these experiences you now find yourself struggling to climb and in glorious celebration conquer.


stephyxxxx said...

You are so lucky to have such an intelligent 2 year old. She really inspires with what she says! xx

Aunt Wendy said...

What a beautiful daughter of God with amazing courage!! Such an inspiration!