Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Playdough, Playmobile, and Portable Movies

Dear Little Angel,

With each passing moment the routines of our day begin to take on the appearance of a spinning carousal.  Standing back, observing the events of your life, as enough time passes, we once again repeat the activities of the prior day, as we attempt to rotate what ideas we have developed to appease the hungry appetite for the learning of a developing little child.

Hour after hour, setting in your spica chair, your demands for new toys continue to escape your lips as you direct your mother to what activities you want her to retrieve and place within your reach upon your table top. Favorites in the past weeks have included a old ice cream bucket filled with different colors of play dough, Grandma made for you.  Rolling the dough out, then pressing different shapes into the surface to create familiar patterns always brings an excited reply as you call out each shape,"Mommy, square....triangle...circle."  Your second favorite playtime activity is your playmoble set.  Carefully each piece is placed into the miniature house, a mommy, daddy, baby, and puppy.  Each takes turns sliding down the slide, swimming in the empty dry swimming pool, then placed in the back seat of the playmobile car as the baby of all choices drives the car.  Finally, when all else fails, we place your sister's small portable movie player on your chair desktop to play your favorite movie choices over and over again, leaving the large TV for the rest of the family to watch other movies and play our family video game system.

Recently, a family in our neighborhood generously donated a complete care bear figurine set with playhouse, slides, cars and characters.  This new toy set is a welcome addition to our carousel of activities.

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