Monday, March 7, 2011

The Broomstick Cast #1

Dear Little Angel,

Each day we greet another morning as we continue our count down of the eighty-four days of casting following your first surgery of two operations necessary to correct your two hip joints.  You have almost completed a week in your new broom stick cast and already you have fought to find solutions to the new struggles this cast has presented to you.  Open access to once covered skin has renewed your scratchy patches of eczema all over you little bottom.  Once protected by a cast it was nearly healed and had almost completely vanished from your skin.  Layers of dead flaking skin, exposed when your cast was changed, have prompted little fingers to constantly scratch until the surrounding surface has turned a crimson red with blood drawn to the surface, but still you continue to scratch, only pausing to request of mother, "Medicine?"

Yesterday, I watched you as you slowly raised your upper body above your casted legs until you stood balanced, standing in the center of the room with nothing to aid you.  Proudly you surveyed the room to ensure someone had witnessed your achievement as you proclaimed out load, to the first person who caught your gaze, "Grandma, I did it!"  You instantly realized the satisfaction awarded to someone who struggles with determination until finally they realize the fruit of their labor as they taste the full thrill of success.

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