Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dancing Shoes

Dear Little Angel,

Continuing with tradition, early on the weekends to wake your brother and sister from their sleep, I love to turn on our electric piano in our living room to fill the air with instrumental remixes of modern songs.  On this weekend though we allowed your siblings a little longer to sleep after long discussions the prior night of whether we would allow them to miss school to come to Shriner's with us to visit Mickey or should we keep the normal routine of the day dropping them off in front of their school for their scheduled half day.
Finally waking each of you from your warm beds handing you your outfits planned and picked for the day, I persisted with preparing the car for our journey to Salt Lake.  Entering through the back steps leading into the kitchen, I glanced over to see you dancing in the living room by the piano as you bobbed up and down, twisting  right to left, occasionally loosing your balance to once again stand on your feet to move to the rhythm of the music.  As I approached you dancing by the couch, looking down at your tiny feet I noticed they were covered by your ivory white church shoes.  Curious, I questioned, "What are you doing?" Proudly focusing your gaze to my eyes standing on the floor, you informed me, "I dancing in my dancing shoes!"  Throughout the day, at home or on the wood floors of the Children's Hospital, you continued to proudly show every child or adult who met your gaze, your dancing shoes.

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TheFischerFam said...

She is an amazing little girl!