Monday, February 21, 2011

We are not alone

Dear Little Angel,

As we accompany you on your journey, we have often turned to any source of information to gain insight into what the path that lies ahead will bring to us as we continue to climb this mountain that will only end with the destination of a happy child who runs, jumps and plays as all other children do.  Recently I made a request of other parents who are battling a similar foe to provide links to their stories.  The few parents that have shared their stories with us have helped us as parents understand that we are not alone.  It never seizes to amaze me how many other children in the world have blazed the trail in their quest to conquer their birth defect of hip dysplasia. Some battles have been short while others continue to have war after war with this relentless foe.  Whether their journey was short or an on going battle, the struggles and emotions of the parents are the same.  Each and every child is precious to their parents and families.  All the family members bear the burden of the multiple doctor visits, the casts and surgeries, and the struggle to organize schedules, and resources to insure their families' demands still continue to be met.

During your journey your mother is balancing caring for you while planning the arrival of your new baby sister in one and a half months by C-section.  We are currently working with her doctor and your doctor to plan the cast removal around the delivery date for your sister.  Each day your older sister stays late at school to practice for her role in a school play while Mondays are piano and Wednesday is filled with tumbling.  The coordinating of schedules to insure your bother and sister continue to have a normal life can be complex and demanding when compounded by a child who does not fit in a car seat and requires a special harness to be transported anywhere.  Grandma and kind neighbors have been a huge help in carrying some of this load.  Parents of children,that attend your brother's and sister's school, pick them up, taking them to school and bring them home each day.
Pictures taken a year ago before diagnoses

As you can see, during your journey we have never been left alone.  Friends, family, neighbors and apparent strangers around the world have provided support in countless ways.

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